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  La Poesía

Historical bar and art cafe

After a 26 year pause, La Poesía, a historic café in San Telmo on Bolivar y Chile, reopened its doors. In the 80´s, it was a bar for poetry and popular culture and the gathering place of artists from many disciplines: poetry, painting, sculpture, music, prose, etc. The bar originally opened in 1982 and later closed in 1988. One of its founders was the poet and writer Rubén Derlis, who is today the vicepresidente of "Baires Popular", a group dedicated to cultural programs. In this mega-reopening, the current owners are Pablo Duran and Laura Carro, who have under their belt three Bares Notables with unique characteristics: Café Margot, Café El Federal and Bar Cao. Now in San Telmo, La Poesía, with a unique and incomparable style where you feel that you travel in time. The activities developed in this area will be under the direction and responsibility of Leonardo Busquet, renowned actor, author and Argentine documentary.