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  del Mercado

  • Bolívar 950
In one of our most emblematic buildings, The Mercado de San Telmo

It all started in 1897, with the inauguration of this building, which has an iron structure and a roof made of metal sheets and glass and was designed by architect Juan Antonio Buschiazzo. Its façade has Italian-style characteristics and the inside looks like a factory. This appearance is accentuated by the series of metal and glass openings. In this environment of undoubtedly beautiful architecture, on the marble floors worn out with the passage of time, there are classic green-grocer's shops, butcher's shops and chicken shops, where the neighbours do their daily shopping. It's interesting to see the same old neighbours come here in the afternoons with their carts, ready to chat with the people they meet. In the same place you will find shops that sell collectibles, decorations, paintings, photographs and furniture. Near one of the entrances, the bar, which is camouflaged among so many shop windows, serves fast food for workers or market visitors who are willing to eat at the bar.